Leasing Vs Buying : The financials

Financially, the difference between buying or leasing a car can be pretty significant but there is no right answer for everyone. It really depends on your own personal financial situation and how you plan to use your car. Here are the top 3 considerations to bear in mind before you decide.


It’s all well and good […]

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How the Autumn Statement 2016 affects motorists

The Autumn Statement budget was announced last month, bringing about some fairly big changes to the automotive industry.  In turn this will have an impact on the regular motorist.  Our new post explores what this means for you.
Salary sacrifice schemes will be subject to tax
A salary sacrifice scheme is when an employee exchanges some of […]

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How to Get the Right Package on a Lease Car

Shopping around for a car finance deal? Leasing a car is a great option for many reasons with different types of contracts for both personal and business. A great way to find the right deal for you is by going through a reputable broker, particularly one that is registered with the BVRLA, or British Vehicle Rental […]

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Review: Citroen C4 Picasso

We have come a long way from when a MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) was known as a dull choice for practical parents. Today’s choices offer more attractive designs, thanks to the innovation of car manufacturers like Citroen, bringing us the C4 Picasso and its bigger, seven-seater version, the Grand Picasso.

First introduced as the Xsara Picasso, it […]

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Deal of the Moment: Kia Sportage

We have such a large number of incredible offers on the Yes Lease website now that it’s truly difficult for us to choose what makes it our ‘Deal of the month’. Right now we have a No Deposit deal on the incredible Kia Sportage.

The Yes Lease deal
Our offer on the latest model of the Kia […]

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April 2017 Road Tax Changes

It won’t be long now before the new road tax rates come into effect, starting April 2017, affecting all new cars.  If you’re concerned about how these changes could affect you financially, as well influence your options, our guide is perfect for you.

Cars that fall within the Band A threshold of 100g CO2/km are exempt […]

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What optional extras can you get on lease cars?

At Yes Lease, we’re often asked what extras you get with a lease car.  There are literally dozens of choices, depending on the manufacturer and the model you’ve selected.  It’s important to remember that the more optional extras you specify, the higher the price tends to get.  So how do you decide which ones are […]

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Surviving Summer Driving

We hope you’re out there enjoying the unpredictable British summer weather!  If you’re planning a road trip, remember to check out our advice for prepping before hitting the road.  Need a car?  You could lease one on a shorter term contract – just check that the company is BVRLA-registered for your peace of mind.

In our latest blog post, we’ve […]

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Scenic Drives for Summer – Scotland and Northern Ireland

A few weeks ago we published the first half of our list of recommended scenic drives in the UK, starting with England and Wales. In this post, we highlight some of the most breathtaking routes in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Before setting off, take a look at our advice for summer driving to make your […]

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Scenic Drives for Summer – England and Wales

Planning a road trip this summer? Yes Lease has put together a list of the most scenic drives in the UK, all the way from Land’s End on the Cornish coast to Skye in the north of Scotland. In this post, we explore the stunning routes in England and Wales – stay tuned for more […]

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