Why experience matters in car leasing

There is a big reason why experience matters when it comes to car leasing, and it’s not what you might think.

Working with a car lease broker who has experience of brokering 1000s are leasing contracts means they are reliable, they are probably better at administering the process, at making sure the car is delivered on […]

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How You Order A Car With Yes Lease

The benefit of leasing a car is that it makes life easier. You pay one monthly fee, and you have a brand new car, no MOT, no Tax to worry about and a car under full warranty. At Yes Lease, we’ve done our best to make the ordering process just as simple. It’s a 6 […]

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Answering some common questions about car leasing

In this article, we’re going to take 5 minutes to answer some questions that we’ve been asked recently. There’s a good chance that other readers have the same questions so we felt it would make a great post.

How does car leasing work?
In a nutshell. The finance company buy the car from the car manufacturers. They […]

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Is no deposit leasing right for you?

‘No-deposit leasing’ is one of the most-Googled phrases right now. If you are a small business or sole trader, leasing a vehicle work, regardless of whether it’s a van or car, can be an incredibly astute way to drive a reliable and function vehicle without having to invest up-front in something that has a depreciating […]

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What makes Yes Lease different to other leasing companies

We’ve been leasing cars now for over 4 years now, and we lease thousands of cars a year. We have a lot of expertise in car leasing, which is something that a lot of our returning customers value from us. However, that’s not what makes us special, because some of our competitors have the same […]

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Why the BVRLA matters?

It’s official. Car leasing is fast becoming the most popular way to “own” a vehicle. You get a top of the range car, no car tax, no concerns it’s going to break down and leave you stuck, and for many, most importantly, consistent manageable payments.

But with its increased popularity you have a host of “leasing […]

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Car leasing: Financial Security

At Yes Lease we’ve been helping our customers find the right leasing deals for almost five years, and we’ve built our reputation on it. As brokers, we manage the leasing process from start to finish.

Part of that process is putting in place the finance for the leasing deal, whether that’s contract hire or contract purchase. […]

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How are car sales in 2017?

It’s September again. Silly season for the car industry. Notoriously, it’s September when people buy cars for the new registration. Car salespeople make around half of the commission for the year in one month. But, according to reports, not this month. This year, car manufacturers are allegedly seeing a pretty significant drop in new vehicle […]

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The Best Upscale Cars to Lease This 2017!

Whether for business or personal contract hire, upscale cars are a joy to drive. They come with extra perks and benefits that aren’t included in your standard line of car models such as better cabins, upgraded tech features, and improved engine options, to name just a few.


If you’re looking to lease an upscale car […]

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The Best Quality Bargain Cars to Lease This 2017

If you’re looking for a budget car to drive but don’t want to scrimp on quality, you might want to consider leasing your next vehicle. Leased cars have lower monthly fees compared to buying a new one so it’s no doubt a great option if you’re looking to save money.


Leased cars also have a […]

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